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CSR Projects


Enriching our Minds (Environment & Action)



Enriching our Minds (Innovation & Learning)



Enriching our Hearts  (Volunteerism & Values)


Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

The Bishop Bavin Parents Association Community Social Responsibility Programme (CSRP) aims to support school programmes that inculcate integrated learning, play and development to build holistic young people in a conducive school environment that contribute to our communities locally, nationally and globally.

The CSRP will always act in concert with the schools developmental plans and support strategic priorities by operating in partnerships (in and outside of school) that are anchored in the values of the school and deliver approved, appropriate and impactful programmes.  

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CSRP Strategic Imperatives

The following strategic imperatives will inform the delivery model of the CSRP as well as the selection and implementation methodology of each initiative;

  • Located within the values of the school;
  • Anchored in a collective approach;
  • Applying a planned model;
  • Applying a phased implementation;
  • Mindful of Cost.