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Meet The Team

Our Sports Management Team

Grassroots is a private coaching group owned and run by Gavin Prangley.  The coaches from Grassroots are exceptionally talented young men and women who have studied their respective sports.

Our Sports’ Department is run by Coach Langden Batt and he is assisted by Coach Jos Nooy who is also the Head of Rowing and our House system at Bishop Bavin.

BACK ROW J. Makofane, L. Mncube, D. Ferreirra
MIDDLE ROW S. D’Aubrey, L. Batt, G. Prangley
FRONT ROW R. Majam, Z. Meyer, J. Nooy, R. Rheeder



L.Batt – Head of Sports

Coach Batt is an avid sports’ fanatic who hails from the Western Cape.  He is a Wynberg Boys Old Boy and Bishop Bavin is very lucky to have him with us.  He encourages all children to participate in sports, but he has also made it compulsory that children have to participate in at least one sport per term.

Our coaches are allocated to disciplines at the beginning of each term and the coaches and their details will be updated once a term.