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The end of the 2018 academic calendar is upon us, and in a few weeks it will be time for the Advent holidays. I imagine everyone is looking forward to a wonderful break following yet another economically challenging year.

Upon my election as the PA Chairman following a successful term by my predecessor Mr Tavendale, it became clear that the role
is one that requires consistent determination and humility. It also became apparent that the school continually relies on us parents to ensure that it is implementing strategies that are in-line with the moral fibre that we would like our children’s foundations to be based on and take forward into their adulthood.

The entire P.A. Team took on a metamorphosis that no one had expected. This was purely as a result of the new vigorous team membership that ensued. We have continued to build on the foundation laid and also revived with great success some of the projects that were not possible in the past. Again, this would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of our parents. As the Bishop Bavin School Parents Association we have many objectives to meet and most of these are described in detail in our constitution which is displayed on Engage under Documents.

We have however realised that meeting these objectives cannot be done without the support and buy-in of both staff and our collective parent body. In trying to assure participation we have been driving a new concept called “The Bavinian Way” where we strongly encourage parents to EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE the Bavinian spirit. Afterall we are a fundamentally unique school where all cultures are EMBRACED, CELEBRATED AND RESPECTED without conditions.

We have much to celebrate: the list of projects undertaken by the PA team and the capabilities of our parent body are indicative of what lies ahead. The PA undertook several projects that also included finalizing those that were initiated in 2017, this was coupled with successful fund-raising initiatives that involved both our children and parents.

Through the sports committee, various initiatives have developed (i.e. formation of the Bishop Bavin Dream Team. This is made up of parent volunteers that readily assist the sports department as and when duty calls. Funds are raised through selling of snacks and refreshments during the sporting events and these funds are utilized to purchase various sports equipment).

Our CSR initiatives have increased and expanded. Our college’s Interact team with the CSR sub-committee of the PA have successfully cemented the relationship between the college, the junior and prep schools. Interact team and our Class Parents have agreed to several interactive opportunities for the schools which will be continuously be encouraged by both parties. Our Interact team continues to visit our adopted crèche (Vukukhanye in Primrose) every second week and the CSR sub-committee assisted the team in motivating to have Teacher Lucy from the crèche attend the Grade R training over three days in June. This
was a Curriculum Development Projects initiative in Betrams which was also coordinated by Sally Yatt. Aside from the painting project, Clothes to Good intiative we have also secured a donation of nutritional packs which can feed up to six adults a time. Our CSR is fully underway and involved and once again we would encourage our collective parent body to EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE THE BAVINIAN WAY.

The PA has ensured through our fundraising intiatives that our curtaining project was completed but our two major projects this year have been the Solar Pool covers as this benefits the school in its entirety as well as our grand project. This project has been on the school and PA radar for quite a while now and I am glad to announce that the planning work was revived this year with a concept plan being finalized. A rough budget estimate calculated at R2.5 million will be finalized once the construction drawings are completed. We appeal to the parents to come on board and assist in making this project feasible.

I would like to thank our Parents Association Executive Committee members: Nicholas Ryan (PA Vice Chairman), Nthabiseng Moleme (Treasurer), Gregory Middlewick (Secretary), Maud Tlale-Medupe (Community Social Responsibility (CSR) – External), Tshidi Dlamini (Community Social Responsibility (CSR) – Internal), Odette Jones (Fundraising), for their untiring efforts in making sure that the objectives are implemented, progress is encouraged and that solidarity is promoted.

To the extended team: All that has been achieved would not have been successful without your participation and helping hand. Sue-Ellen Reeby, Toboko Moleme, Ronnie Sefoka, David Chivanga, Phumzile Njoko, Pearl Motha, the Bishop Bavin staff and the Class Parents. Thank you.

On behalf of the Bishop Bavin School Parents Association, I extend our gratitude to the greater Bishop Bavin community for volunteering your time and effort along with your financial contributions towards all the activities that have taken place and are still to take place for the remainder of the year, which are aimed at benefitting our children. Our school has leaped to another level and our children have fond memories of the year 2018 because of YOU!

I would like to encourage all our parents to consider making time to be actively involved in our PA committee as the smallest amount of time dedicated to making our children’s schooling life more pleasant is worth every second. To quote Mother Theresa “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”