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Barbara Bauskin (Head of Junior School)

2016 Report

Another academic year has come to an end and the children in the Junior School have had a busy year learning, exploring, discovering and growing.

The Pre-School introduced a new, exciting curriculum during the last term of this year, which we will carry through into 2017 and beyond.  We will continue to use the ISASA Curriculum guidelines as a reference to assist in facilitating consistency in terms of both expectations and the curriculum covered in various grades, but using a fully integrated program, as recommended in the guidlines. We look forward to introducing this integrated approach into the rest of the Junior School next year.

The ICM (Integrated Curriculum model) model allows us to design a differentiated curriculum, instruction and assessment units for all children, which addresses both the academic and emotional needs of the child. It focuses on higher order thinking skills in children as young as two.  Those of you with children in the Crèche and Pre-School, would have heard all about Water, the Water Cycle and many other exciting facts about water, this term. 

We explored the other cultures that form part of our school community, by learning about the Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Portuguese National week, Heritage Day and Diwali. The Grade 0s worked on their first ever project, ‘Countries around the World’ and with the help of their parents, put on a wonderful display in the Dining Hall. In September, we enjoyed National Book week, by dressing up as our favourite book character and donated books to our library during International Library Month in October. The highlight of our year was, most definitely, our Junior School and Preparatory School concert, “Bishop Bavin Rocks the Movies’ and our Pre-School’s end of year Christmas Concert.  Our children loved being on stage, performing for their families.

This year, we successfully launched our Class Parent group, which has facilitated improved communication between the school, teachers and parents.  The class parents have also driven most of our cultural celebrations, book week and library month.  I thank them for their hard work enthusiasm and support. Together, with the class parents, we have effected positive changes within the Junior School for the benefit of all our precious children.

I look forward to the exciting challenges 2017 will bring us.  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday and a very blessed Christmas.

Barbara Bauskin
Head of Junior School