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mr-w-hill-chairmain-of-the-board-of-governorsMr W. Hill (Chairman of the Board of Governors)

2016 Report

It’s been another great year! A tough one too – with #Feesmustfall; #Rainmustfall, The Olympics and Zika, our Municipal Elections and the names of a few more gates
being listed under Watergate in the annuals. On a lighter note, Leonardo finally won his Oscar and Apple is no longer the richest company in the world. I am happy to
add it’s not Samsung either, even though they have had a pretty explosive set of results.

I had to do quite a bit of public speaking this year and the talk I got the most feedback about, was one I did for National Secretaries Day for PAFSA. I was asked to speak about what I thought was going to be the “biggest game changer” of the next couple of years. Quite a broad subject. The first few things that sprung to mind were Uber, AirBnB, Shale Gas, Big Data Analytics and “Fibre to the home”. I am sure there are countless more. But, I’d like to propose that the next big game changer is something decidedly less complicated. In fact it’s not even something you’ll easily find in your future, where most game changers live, but VERY easily in your past.

I wanted to call my Game Changer a three word behaviour.

But, it’s actually OLD FASHIONED VALUES.
They are principles or standards of behaviour; clarifying one’s judgement of what is important in life. A quick Google search will bring up anything from 400 to 500 values for you to think about, from Acceptance, Appreciation and Abundance all the way down the alphabet to Worthiness, Youthfulness and Zeal.

My favourites are all in the I and T – yet nothing to do with I.T.

When you are youngest, it starts with TRUST and as I get older I think it ends in TRUTH. The link between the two is the “I” I have just mentioned and it’s called Integrity.

So if there’s 4 to 500 of these values and if I asked you to think about exercising only 1 to your fullest ability each day… with a friend, a loved one and a work colleague, think about how fantastic the next 2 year journey for you could be.

Think about the revolutionary change you could bring about in the organisations where you work and in your families at home.

Think about this:
The Bible is still the bestselling book. Religion is still the fastest growing trend amongst South African kids, LEGO is still the most bought toy, the best luxury cars are still made by the oldest car manufacturers, superheroes still beat supervillains and even the most forward thinking of game changers is still a simple four letter word and (yet another) value called HOPE.

Give it a bash – go back into your past, to understand the Game changers of the future.

May you and your families stay blessed over the holidays.

Wayne Hill
Chairman Of The Board