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Signature Programmes

Servant Leadership: 

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams 

Language Programmes 

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela 

Prepared For Higher Learning

AP classes better prepare you for your future. You will get a significant leap ahead of your classmates by choosing an AP class. Colleges look for students to have taken part in AP classes. – College is for me

S. McConkey

Mrs Shana McConkey HOD Mathematics

Advance Programme Maths.

Advanced Programme Mathematics is an extension of Mathematics. It challenges learners who demonstrate a greater than average ability in, or enthusiasm for mathematics.

It is valuable to any learner who intends to pursue a career in the physical, mathematical, computer, financial, life, earth, space and environmental sciences or in technology. Advanced Programme Mathematics is done outside of the school timetable.

It does not contribute towards points for getting into tertiary education but the academic benefits of being exposed to the concepts are huge. The curriculum covers Algebra and Calculus (at a first year university level) and then a choice of Statistics, Finance and Modelling or Matrices and Graph Theory. Many learners only realise once they are at university just how much of a difference it makes in the first few months of some courses.

Lynn Holland

Mrs Lynn Holland HOD English

Advance Programme English.

 The advantage of doing AP English is that it helps broaden one’s engagement with literature while exploring how literature, poetry, film and drama helps us to make sense of the world in which we live. 

It also exposes the learners to their own critical appreciation of different styles of writing and how these influence their choices in terms of what they read etc.  It is really a good way to improve their core English marks too and it encourages reading. 

Our Signature Programmes

Servant Leadership

In both our prep school and College we strongly believe that in order to produce leaders who will make a difference, they need to be taught about Servant Leadership.

An Overview

Grade 11 learners are invited to participate in the leadership programme and may opt not to participate in a revised programme:

The Revised Program

  • Uses the current concept of prefect-ship;
  • Increases what the College expects from its leaders;
  • Provides clear guidance to the leaders in the performance of their tasks;
  • Equips the leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to be able to be successful in the execution of their portfolios;
  • Ensures an intensive staff support system for the developing leaders;
  • Provides opportunities for personal growth, self-awareness, critical self-evaluation and self-actualisation to all the seniors of the College in a sustainable manner and;
  • Develops a leadership culture at Bishop Bavin while equipping Bavinians with valuable skills for their future.


The Leadership Environment – Core Principles

  1. Leadership begins in knowledge of, and responsibility for, oneself.
  2. Everyone has the potential to lead.
  3. Leadership develops and thrives in the context of a team.
  4. Leadership is not a separate program, but infuses all aspects of the practice and vocabulary of daily life at the College.
  5. Leaders exhibit courage. They experience both success and failure, with appropriate support.
  6. Leaders both assert and question a strong value system.
  7. Leaders have several dynamic, interpretive paradigms.
  8. Leaders are creative; leaders dare to imagine.
  9. Leaders embrace complexity and diversity.
  10. Leaders inspire others through their character and actions, not by their position.
  11. Above all, leaders are servants of those whom they choose to lead.

The requirements for successful completion of the programme are: 

  • Mentorship of a grade 8 learner;
  • Participation in sport;
  • Participation in cultural activities;
  • Full attendance at compulsory school events;
  • Full attendance at leadership training, including the Deep Democracy course;
  • Completion of the community service components;
  • Successful completion of two leadership portfolios;
  • Excellent discipline record.

At the end of each term, learners are given the opportunity to reflect on the term’s activity and record what they have learned from it and possibly how they could improve on their performance. On completion of the entire programme, they may be awarded the status of Prefect. This may happen at any stage from the end of the final term of their grade 11 year at Bishop Bavin.