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Find Out More About Co-education

We have added the following link in order to assist you with gathering as much information on monastic vs co-ed schools:

  1. Single Sex Schooling Relies On Myths Of Higher Achievement
  2. The case against single sex schooling

Co-educational Environment

Choosing the right school for your child is possibly the most difficult decision you will have to make and there is no easy answer when it comes to deciding if a single-sex school or co-ed school will be better for your child. Research is not even able to provide a conclusive answer.

Why do we choose to be co-educational?

  • In an ever-changing world, children need to be exposed to the everyday living and working environment. It is not often that boys will work with only boys and girls with only girls;
  • Society also demands that gender stereotypical roles are now often reversed – girls will be in charge of boys;
  • Co-ed schools offer a variety of diverse curriculum activities which tend to eliminate traditional stereotyping of boys and girls into traditional categories;
  • Boys and girls in a co-ed environment tend to view each other as equals and they develop a mutual respect for one another while learning to interact on a meaningful level;
  • A more extensive range of after school activities can be offered as they can either participate together or separately;
  • The girls and boys in one environment tend to create an equilibrium and there tends to be less adversity than in single-sex schools.

When making the final decision; ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does my child like to learn?
  • What interests him/her both in and out of school?
  • What opportunities, socially, does my child have to get to know the opposite sex?
  • What do you think your child should get out of school?