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Boarding School Places Available

Are you looking for the ideal boarding school for your child? Bishop Bavin Private School in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, is currently accepting applications for students (grades 1 to 12) that are interested in boarding school for both 2017 and 2018. Students from South Africa and neighboring countries are invited to apply and become a part of the amazing educational opportunities we have to offer.

Private Boarding School

Junior School Grades 1 – 7 Boarding

High School Grades 8 – 12 Boarding

Seperate Boarding For Both Boys And Girls


 Excellent Academic Track Record

 Weekly Or Full Boarding Options

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Junior Boarding

Our boarding house for our junior boarders accommodate grade 4 – 7 children. Our grade 4 and 5 group share an open dorm and our grade 6 and 7 group do the same. Our head of Junior Boarding is Miss Anita Viljoen and she is assisted by Mr Percy Madia.

Senior Boarding

Our senior boarding houses accommodate boarders from grade 8 – 12. Our grade 8s, 9s and 10s share an open dorm system but our 11s and matrics are often offered single rooms depending on space, academic performance and seniority. Our Head of Senior Boarding is Mr Kurt Baatjies and he is assisted by Ms Mariska de Vos and Ms Julia Mthembu.

Why Board at Bishop Bavin?

Our boarding houses provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children. We have 4 dedicated houses for our junior and senior boys and girls. Each house is further divided into clusters so that children of similar ages are grouped together. Our in-house staff are willing and able to support your children through any challenges and with the support of our out-house duty staff we endeavour to ensure that your children truly have a home away from home with caring and loving parental figures.


Weekly or Full Boarding?

At Bishop Bavin parents can select the weekly boarding option which means that your children are accommodated from a Sunday evening to a Friday evening. The full boarding option means that your children will be accommodated throughout the term except for half-terms and holidays. The life of a boarder in Bishop Bavin School is a very busy one with a set weekly routine which includes participation in sports, cultural activities and of course academics. With our Enrichment Centre, our boarders also have additional support in academics, if required.

For our full boarders a full programme for the term is developed and there are lots of weekend activities to choose from.  


The Pros of choosing a boarding school:

  • Boarding schools generally have small class sizes, so students get more individual attention;
  • Students can develop relationships with teachers in many settings outside the classroom;
  • Most of the faculty members hold advanced degrees;
  • Resources such as the library, theater, or athletic facilities may be better than those at local schools;
  • Academics include a diverse menu of courses from which to choose, many AP options, and—at many boarding schools—opportunities to study abroad;
  • There tend to be broad and varied athletic and extra-curricular programs;
  • There are many intangible benefits: learning to take personal responsibility; forging intense friendships; being part of a community; and more. These help with the short-term goal of adjusting to college life, and the long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient.