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The Gift that keeps on Giving:

Every donation or gift made to Bishop Bavin School, whether large or small makes a significant difference. It means that you have every confidence in our school and we want to ensure you that your support is appreciated is and that Bishop Bavin School is worthy of your support. 

Your donations and gifts become the gifts that keep on giving as they not only make a valuable difference to the children enrolled in our school but will continue to do so for the future generations of our school.

Remember that as we are a PBO, your donation or gift will have the benefit of being a tax relief for yourself as an individual or the company in whose name the donation or gift is made. Giving to Bishop Bavin School is one way to ensure that your gift will always come back to you.

Should you be interested in contributing in any of the above ways please contact:

Samantha Pringle on

Categories of gifts or donations:

Annual Donations:

These donations are used to support the growth of our facilities and programmes offered.  These donations would be used to enhance or add to our current facilities or programmes.  They are vital to the school in order to ensure that we remain competitive and only offer the highest standard of facilities.

Capital Gifts:

These are gifts that are made on an annual basis and are used to ensure the sustainability of Bishop Bavin and to ensure that we are able to offer the highest quality teachers as well as maintain our position in the market place. 


Bishop Bavin School has always believed that giving back to the community is a vital part of our ethos and we often offer scholarships to children who would like to attend our beautiful school.  Should you wish to sponsor a child for the duration of their schooling career this is the category that would best suit you.  The scholarship is given a name of your choice and you are informed of the child’s progress and participation throughout the duration of his/her school career.


These donations or gifts assist our current children who are on scholarship to obtain uniform, text books, stationery, pocket money, lunches and all the extras required throughout the year.  The contributions vary throughout the year and are grade dependent.