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Thinking Out The Box

Thinking Outside The Box

Creativity in the Classroom leads to inquisitive minds

Teachers at Bishop Bavin School often use unconventional methods to ensure that learners grasp particular concepts and ideas in very different ways.

Teachers have a long-acting impact on children and the teachers who make a great impact on a child will always be happy in the knowledge that the child has learnt something in class and will probably remember it for the rest of their lives. At Bishop Bavin our teachers take ordinary subjects and turn them into extra-ordinary lessons.




Out of the Box

Bishop Bavin School Thinking Outside Box

Grade 3

Teaching our children about different cultures and celebrations, our Junior School celebrated Chinese New Year.  A giant picture of Nian had been painted and the teacher laminated it but in sections that were not ordered.  The children were requested to put the picture back together but had to problem solve in order to realise that the picture had to be cut first before the sequence could be completed correctly.

Grade 8 & 9

Our Arts & Culture children attend the National School of the Arts “Festival of Fame” every year in order to view the productions and planning of each section.

Grade 12

Mathematical Literacy are about to host their first Murder Mystery evening where they have use Mathematical clues to work out who the murderer is.

Grade 5

Teaching time using a stop watch and measuring how many times a tennis ball can bounce in 30 seconds and one minute.  The children will never forget the sense of time.

Grade 11 Life Sciences

Learning how to extract DNA by using Scientific equipment and a banana.