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Early Learning Centre and Pre-Primary


Let Them Be Little



Help Them Grow Wings



Inspire Them To Believe, Love And Live.


Bishop Bavin Early Learning Centre

(6 Months – 3 Years Old)

We have 2 two groups in our Playschool:

  • The BLUE Group caters for children from 4months – 2years
  • The RED group caters for children aged 2-3 years old.

The Playschool follows the NELDS Curriculum (National Early Learning and Development Standards) as prescribed by the Department of Education, together with the Early Child Development Curriculum as endorsed by ISASA Independent Schools Association) Comprehensive reports are issued at the end of each term.

Our children spend a stimulating day at school, both indoors and outdoors. A lot of focus is placed on art activities and the weekly themes are interesting, age-appropriate and educational. The children particularly enjoy the weekly music lessons. Our playground is bright and interesting, offering a variety of stimulating activities.

The Pre-Primary School – Spackman House

We may be the smallest members of the Bishop Bavin family but our enthusiasm and energy is a great as can be. Laughter and chatter fill the hallways and classrooms. Our bright, colourful art decorates the walls and if you pay us a visit you will be met with a hearty, warm welcome.

Bishop Bavin Nursery School rghtImg

Extra –Curricular Programme

  • Included in our curriculum:
    – Learn to Swim (Grades 0)
    – Mini Cricket (Grade 0)
    – Mini Tennis (Grade 0)
    – Mini Basketball (Grade 0 )
    – Chess (Grade 0 )
    – Academic Support
  • Nominal or private costs:
    – Baking Club (Grade 0)
    – Crafts (Grade 00 & 000)
    – Karate (Grade 000 – 0)
    – Flip flop (Grade 000 – 0)
    – PlayGolf (Grade 00 – 0)
    – Ballet (All Ages)
    – The Nutty Scientist (Grade 0)
    – Musical Bears (Grade 000)
    – Playball (Grade 000)


While in our classrooms our teachers ensure that puzzles, numbers, shapes and perceptual activities fill our morning but after snack time we explode onto our beautiful playground, spending time in our very own aeroplane or on the jungle gym. Riding bikes on our miniature roads is a favourite of many while swinging from the monkey bars can be just as fun.

The Grade 0’s head up the Pre-Primary school. Dressed in their uniforms, they look very smart and are preparing for next year where “Big School” awaits. They eagerly learn their letters, sounds and even simple sums. Oh how we can’t wait to be in Grade 1!

Being in Spackman House means there is a constant sense of safety and security. The little ones are as precious as gold and love and harmony radiates out of this very special area of the school. The activities we can take part in during and after school, such as sport, music, library, drama, gardening and crafts, ensures that new experiences fill our days and keep our tiny hands busy and happy.

We introduce the concepts : “Be respectful, Be safe, Be responsible and Be Healthy” which reminds us to behave in a manner that respects all those around us, celebrates uniqueness and make sure everyone is free from harm. Children are only little for a short time and here in Spackman every moment of that time is cherished.