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Bishop Bavin College

Grade 8 – 12 

Grade 8 – 12 Motivation is often defined as a need or drive that energises behaviour toward a goal. In the college, this is not just seen, but felt when you come through our gates. There is this ‘feeling’ that so many visitors refer to when coming to our school. The balance of holistic education is imperative and part of our success.

The college offers a rigorous academic programme according to the IEB system. Our Grade 12’s write the IEB exams. We offer a variety of academic subjects in general fields as well as Sciences, Commerce and IT. Our Academic support programmes ensure that learners are well-prepared and are able to receive assistance if required. We also have excellent sporting and cultural activities on offer to provide a holistic schooling experience.

Our senior learners challenge themselves with additional subjects such as Advanced Programme Maths and/ or Advanced Programme English and we encourage our learners to extend themselves by taking part in the many Subject Olympiads we have to offer.

Our compliment of teaching staff is such an integral part of our success and the many additional afternoon, evening and weekend sessions with the learners, speak for themselves. We try our best to create an environment where each learner is recognised, encouraged and rewarded. We believe that each child in our college is unique and we believe that embracing their uniqueness will only bring out the best in them.

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A short extract from a letter* that went viral on Twitter after a Headmaster and her staff included this with their academic term reports:

“You are all special: ‘Tests do not always assess all of what it is that make each of you special and unique.  They do not know that many of you speak many languages. They do not know that you can play a musical instrument or that you can dance or paint a picture. They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them or that your laughter can brighten the dreariest day.

They do not know that you know how to tell a great story or that you really love spending time with special family members and friends.

They do not know that you can be trustworthy, kind or thoughtful, and that you try, every day, to be your very best… the scores you get will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything.

So enjoy your results and be very proud of these but remember there are many ways of being smart.’