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Striving For Excellence

Breaking Down Barriers

Learning must be extended beyond the four walls of the classroom and at Bishop Bavin the various educational outings and outdoor classrooms enable our children to experience real-life learning.


Although we follow the rigorous IEB Curriculum, our teachers are constantly looking for activities to extend our learners and their capabilities beyond the confines of the curriculum.

Hi-tech Centre and Library

These Media Centres form an integral part of our academic culture at the school as the children are able to carry out research from the many resources on offer.


We provide innovative ways for children to extend their daily learning routines by using programmes like Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Reading Lab Online.

Unique and Outstanding

Bishop Bavin School does not provide a child with an education; it provides a child with a unique and outstanding education which allows him/her to become extra-ordinary. 

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Some Interesting Academic Statistics

Outstanding Achievements

Excellent Matric pass
rate over the last few years!

FET Phase

More than 10 elective subjects
on offer from Grade 10


FAL Language Programme

Immigrant status
programme on offer

Tertiary Education

97% of our matrics qualify for
tertiary studies either with degree or diploma passes

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Our Students Say…

Matthew Hazell

“Thirteen years ago I never would have dreamt of writing this as head boy. I came to this school a little boy and I feel I will leave as a man.”

Keanu Alexander

“Our teachers are knowledgeable and very often go beyond a text book. They explain the concepts until we get them and they make the lessons interesting and we want to learn”

Natalie Ehlers

“It is the everyday occurrences at Bishop Bavin that I will cherish as extraordinary memories: that special blessing, that awe-inspired smile, that hymn that gave goose bumps and even that much needed hug during the peace. It is in crossing paths with each student and faculty member that has allowed me to grow in wisdom, heart and courage.”

Thabiso Mampane

"Walking into this school for the first time, I never thought that I would be where I am with the countless blessings this school has given me. I may have only been a student here for 4 years but I feel that I am as much a part of this family as those that have been here almost their whole lives."

Sihle Msweli

"What Bishop Bavin has given me is worth more than any amount of school fees because I haven’t just learnt what was in the syllabus but I learnt life lessons. Life lessons that have grown me in all aspects of my life and will serve me for the rest of my life."

Caitlin Sebanz

"Bishop Bavin attracts a special kind of person and along with the countless smiles that I would receive on a daily basis I received the most incredible support (this year and all those past). The teachers at Bishop Bavin are not only amazing educators but the most amazing people."

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What Academic Questions Are On Your Mind?

You can easily find out more about our extensive academic offering. Contact us for further information on any academic queries you may have. Click on any link below to get help: